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Online Services Avaliable

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We use a service called Patient Access through our computer system supplier, which allows our patients to set up a secure log in and provides access to the following services via their website:

  • Repeat prescription ordering
  • Online Booking of non-urgent GP Appointments
  • Viewing care record - See below

If you have difficulties in registering online using the above link, you can call into the surgery and request a registration sheet at reception. You will need to bring photo ID such as a driving licence or passport with you. We cannot post these documents for security reasons.

When you sign up to this service you will automatically be given access to these facilities. It is important that all users are fully aware of the terms and conditions of access which can be read and/or downloaded by clicking here (PDF, 157KB). There will be more facilities avaliable in the future as part of the Government commitment to online access up to 2018.

Subject Access Request Form

Click here to download the Subject Access Request From. Please return the completed form to the practice.

Care Records:

These are newly available online from 31/3/16. Patients are required to give separate consent for access to records and in some instances, each case needs to be analysed by a Doctor. This is because sometimes a record may contain information that names a 3rd party, or may contain information that may be harmful to the physcial or mental wellbeing of that patient. Therefore there could be a waiting list for notes to be reviewed prior to access being granted when appropriate.

What information can I see?

You will be able to see information that has been assigned a clinical code (a computer tag) This includes your Problem List (a dated list of your major and minor medical problems listed by health care professionals over a number of years), Allergies, Immunisations, Medication, Results such as blood tests, weight, height, data such as smoking history & alcohol use.

You will not see what the Doctor or other professional has typed freely into your consultation.

Sensitive records:

Some information can be sensitive and it may be decided that it is not appropriate to allow you access to your record. Sometimes information can be removed from your view and the rest of the record can be accessed, or sometimes it is felt that it is not appropriate to allow any access. This is at the discretion of a Doctor.

Patient Responsibility

It is your responsibility to access your records in a safe and secure manner. Do not forget to log out when using shared computers, do not print out your record and leave it lying around for others to see.

Occasionally errors are made in patient’s records, information is either incorrect or has been entered in the wrong patient’s notes. If you see information that you believe to be incorrect please inform us as soon as possible and we will arrange to discuss the information with you. You are not able to amend the records yourself and we will not amend notes where there is documented evidence that it is correct.

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